New Viral Money Making System!

How It works:

YouGetPaidFast™ is a 'Branded' Business that's hosted on a company server, maintained and updated at the company's expense. It is a 100% turnkey website  that you are now able to resell over and over again which has exponential growth potential. With only 30 to 60 minutes of 'work' per day you WILL be well on your way to earning $50,000+ dollars  within the next 3 to 6 months! As the people you introduce this system to start telling others about the [system] themselves, your payment button gets placed on the marketing pages of those people under you, [up to four- levels deep]! When your name gets to the fourth generation of people, you will have a payment button on literally THOUSANDS of websites and have THOUSANDS of people marketing for you, (generating $7.00 money orders sent to your door DAILY)! The best thing about this is... once you start it, [your money grows exponentially], and YOU CAN'T STOP THE $7.00 MONEY ORDERS FROM COMING IN even if you wanted to! 





Step 1:

Click the [JOIN NOW] Link at the bottom of this page. *There is a (one time) cost of $28.00 -($7.00 paid to each YouGetPaidFast™ franchise owner via Postal Money Orders).


Step 2:

Once you get to the main page, please watch all of the instructional videos on the site, then scroll down to the bottom and look for (-4-) [^ORDER BUTTONS^]. Click [each] button and record the names(s) and addresses of the (-4-) people who you have to send your [$7.00] money orders to. * Remember, once you have been confirmed as paid by each member, you will have full access to your own [YGPF] viral money making system and can begin sharing your page [with your payment button on it] with others.



This is the easiest system to get people to join. Why? ..because it makes sense!  It's only a (one-time) $28.00 to join, [$7.00 money orders X 4 people]. There are no monthly [auto -ship] payments, no pass -ups, it will NEVER get saturated and the $7.00 dollar money orders come directly to you!



 Once you join, your 'goal' is to sell just 1 of these Branded [YouGetPaidFast™] Viral Money Making Systems per day. If you commit to doing that for the next 3- months, you will be well on your way to generting over $50,000 + dollars! This is a ridiculously easy task considering how affordable the system is. This is a permanent recurring residual income system because once you start marketing your system, your payment buttons will begin to S..P...R....E.....A......D virally FOREVER!






This is a very simple system to market and share with others.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are perfect for this sort of viral marketing. If you can copy and paste a link and share it with your friends, you will be successful in marketing this. Once you join, the company has a T.V. ad coop advertising program and tips on a few specific safe list sites that are producing phenomenal results. The company also recommends a site called: which produces results through flat rate CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising. This site (alone) will produce thousands of targeted page views to your YouGetPaidFast™ page per month.



If you join my team, (from my YouGetPaidFast™ Franchise page), I will send you links to the top ten safe list sites to market your system on. I will also give you a list of (-7-) Guerrilla Marketing techniques that produce excellent results as well. Once you join [under me], I will email you the templates for several car [window] cards and bus stop poster designs that are getting phenomenal results as well.  PS ..just spamming links on facebook is NOT a good strategy to get sales. I usually talk to people directly through Instant Massaging. Once I have engaged the person, I ask them 4 simple questions to qualify them. If I get a yes reply to at least 3 (of the questions), then I will send them my  YouGetPaidFast™ page link. I will give you the 4 qualifing questions to ask once you join.


(STOP) Wasting your money on these 'flash - in - the - pan' businesses and [START] earning real residual income with your own  "YouGetPaidFast™" Franchise.



Potential YouGetPaidFast™Income:

The chart below visualizes your earning potential with a YouGetPaidFast™ Viral Money Making System, every YouGetPaidFast™ owner's goal of making over $50,000 + starts and ends with getting only 7 sales per week, (or just one /per day).

You always get paid directly (by way of Postal Money Orders) for every sale -4- levels deep! Once you get started, the money just keeps building & building... FOREVER!

Week one: 7 people join under you 7 New Owners You've earned $49 dollars (and now have a payment button on 7 people's pages)

Week two: 7 people [each] get 7 people to join.

7 X 7 = 49

 49 New Owners
You've generated $343 dollars (and now have a payment button on 49 -new-  people's pages)
Week three: 49 people [each] get 7 people to join. 49 X 7= 343
343 New Owners You've earned $2,401 dollars (and now have a payment button on 343 -new- people's pages)
Week four: 343 people [each] get 7 people to join. 343 X 7= 2,401
2,401 New Owners

You've earned $16,807 dollars

(and now have payment buttons on 2,401 -new- people's pages)

Week five: 2,401 people [each] get 7 people to join.

2,401 X 7 = 16,807

16,807 New Owners

You've earned $117,649 dollars

(and now have payment buttons on 16,807 -new- people's pages)

☞ and on...

☞ and on...

☞ and on...

 * This chart -ONLY- reflects your possible residual =viral= income. Don't forget that you will continue to market you own [personal] YouGetPaidFast™ page through the first five weeks as well!




This system works for EVERYONE who makes a commitment to selling (-7-) Money Making Systems (or more) per week. Once you join (and start sharing the system with others), you will quickly have THOUSANDS of other people advertising, promoting your YouGetPaidFast™ payment button and making money FOR YOU!

.....(think about that (◕ ‿ ◕)!




Contact: Howard Henderson  


         ☎►  (206) 376- 4826

                   If you have any questions

Sample Bus STOP Poster!
Sample Bus STOP Poster!
Have a Payment Button ON THOUSANDS OF PAGES in a few weeks!
Have a Payment Button ON THOUSANDS OF PAGES in a few weeks!